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Department of Creative Design and Management2019.09.03
   Our Department was established in 2008 as the Department of Cultural and Creative Industries, and then renamed as what it is in 2012. The characteristics of cultural and creative industry, indeed, are new outputs with “interdisciplinary and allogamous” ingredients originated from accumulated cultural knowledge and value-added design. Therefore, in 2009, we built up the Cultural and Creative Design Center for the purposes of better communications with the industries as well as the cultivation of professionals in the design of cultural creative products and the operation of the industry. In 2011, we launched Floral Village of Rippling Liǔchuān for Creative Arts as an experimental operation locus for promoting the training of crafts and skills. In 2013, we went further to transform the Village into the University’s Innovation Incubation Center, devoting ourselves to cradling a headquarter for cultural and creative industry in central Taiwan. Ever since the inauguration of Master Program of Business Administration in 2014, we have been striving for value-added developments through the reengineering of design and design management. By so doing, we hope to, step by step, strengthen the energy of cultural creativity and operating management as well as cultivate professionals specialized in marketing, human resources and knowledge management. Meanwhile, we also started to offer Continuing Education Graduate Program for the potential integration of career, industry and scholarship.