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Department of Physical Education2019.09.03
  The Department of Physical Education was established in 1998. A master’s program was added in 2005, and a post-service master’s program was further established in 2011. Since the Department has been established, the main objective of the Department has been to acquire excellent teachers of physical education in elementary schools. In line with the university’s reform, the Department made ​​a major change in 2008. The “Sports and Health Management” courses were added to the undergraduate curriculum, to foster professional personnel in relation to sports and leisure
management and sports health care. Since then, the Department’s curriculums have been transformed into the two-track system, namely, teacher and non- teacher education.
  A class of students has been recruited for each undergraduate level. The admission system has three kinds of entrance: the review of students with good athletic performance, college entrance exams with a physical technical exam, and college admission (including the recommended plan of the Ministry of Education and application for admission with sport or non-sport specialty). Students of the Department have diverse characteristics. On one hand, students are good at various sports, such as canoeing, tennis, tchoukball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, handball, swimming, track and field, water ballet, Chinese yoyo, dragon and lion dance, cycling, and so on. On the other hand, some non-sport specialized students which have excellent academic abilities are also recruited. The enrollment measures of the Department are aimed at creating a mutual learning and mutually driven educational environment.
  The master’s course is divided into two groups, including “Sports Sciences” and “Sports Social Sciences”. The goal of the program is to cultivate sports sciences and sports social research personnel. The establishment of post-service education courses is aimed at providing more learning opportunities for sports professionals and enriching their knowledge of physical education. In addition, the Department provides a “consecutive bachelor’s and master’s program”, which allows excellent undergraduate students a direct path toward studying for a bachelor’s and a Master’s  Program.