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Department of English2019.09.03
Department of English: Undergraduate and Graduate Programs
  The Department of English was established in 2005. Our curriculum includes specialized English courses such as English Language Teaching, Introduction to Linguistics, American and English Literature, professional English courses, English teacher’s training courses and other general English courses. The structure of our department’s courses is divided into two categories, including 28 credits for general courses and 100 credits for professional courses.
  The master program was established in 2016. The program focuses on applied English proficiency. Students need to take at least 32 credits, including 11 compulsory and 21 elective credits. The program assists in the department of English teaching and learning methodologies and practices at the primary school level. The program also aims to prepare its students to become teacher of English in primary school and to enter other professions that require a good command of English.
 ● Offer a comprehensive program in English listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation.
 ● Train talents in the use of foreign language.
 ● Hold English activities and nurture students English and cross-culture proficiency.
 ● Encourage students to participate in international collaborations to expand their international outlook and cross-cultural understanding.
 ● Invite renowned scholars to make speeches.
 ● Provide an “ English and International Business, and a “Chinese Language Teaching Program” with the Department of Language and Literacy Education.
Graduate Programs
 ● Emphasize academic research and teaching practice.
 ● Assist primary course design and research development.
 ● Collocate with educational institutions and promote primary English teaching environment.
 ● Sharpen human value and cultural awareness.
Support the development of the university and train talents in the use of English teaching.