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Department of Fine Arts2019.09.03
  The department of Fine Art was found in 1946. As the first education facility focusing on Fine Art in Taiwan, we inherited the school’s creative discipline and art skills from well-known professors such as Lu ,Fo-Ting and Lin ,Chih-Chu.
  Our department was named Fine Arts Section of the Junior Teachers’ College in 1992, and being renamed as the Department of Fine Arts in 2004 and started the Master’s Program two years later.
To cultivate talents for the education of fine arts and professional artists with accomplishments in both the creation and theory of art, we target on not only the traditional essence, but also modern technical and theoretical courses of contemporary art media to enrich our faculty’s participation toward art industry and international arts activities.
  We provide excellent environment to enhance our students’ professional abilities and competitiveness in art. Such as Fine Arts Building, digital art studio, art center and “Professor Lin ,Chih-Chu’s Eastern Gouache Painting Memorial” are all well-functioned space for exhibition, creation and practice which improve students’ habit of mutual observation and self-examination.