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Graduate Institute of Educational Information and Measurement2019.09.03
   The Graduate Institute of Educational Information and Measurement (GIEIM) renamed from the Graduate Institute of Educational Measurement and Statistics (GIEMS) which was established in 1997. It is not onlythe first academic research institute concerning educational measurement in Taiwan, but also in Asia, and pioneers the cultivation of educational measurement researchers. The main research directions of the institute are “Development of neweducational measurement theories”, “Computerized adaptive testing and learning”, “Cognitive neuroscience studies”, “Big data analysis for education”,and “Intelligent learning technology”.
   GIEIM provides “Doctor Program”, “Master Program”, and “In-service Master Program”. The doctor program covers a number of fields including applied statistics, measurement, evaluation, educational information, and research methods such as qualitative and quantitative research methods. The full-time and in-service M.A. programs both are designed to provide individuals with a broad range of three skill fields, including statistics, measurement and assessment, and educational information.
   Moreover, the faculties of our institute had grand research projects supported by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of Taiwan in the past, and got many industry-university cooperation projects based on their outstanding research outcomes. Through the conduction of industry-academic cooperation by the institute, further steps have been taken towards our goal of development collaboration with the educational industry. In the future, distinguished students of the institute may join the education industry. In addition, graduates of the institute can join the professional organizations of test and evaluation, such as the National Academy for Educational Research (NAER), the Research Center for Psychological and Educational Testing (RCPET), the Digital Education Institute (DEI) in the Institute for Information Industry, etc. Furthermore, some students may apply to continue their studies at this institute or any other domestic doctoral programs in the fields of education, statistics, psychometric, information engineering and electrical engineering according to their research interests.