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Department of Counseling and Applied Psychology2019.09.03
   The Department of Counseling and Applied Psychology was established on August 1, 2006 and was merged with the Graduate Institute of Counseling and Educational Psychology (GICEP), which was established in 2000. The department was approved by Ministry of Education, Taiwan. In 2013, an evening master’s program designed for working professionals was established.
   The undergraduate program can be completed with or without enrolling in the teacher education program. Students need to complete 128 credits to graduate and students who also enroll in the teacher education program need to complete 138 credits. There are 4 sections of the graduate courses: core, general, scientific training and practice. Students need to complete 36 credits to graduate (core: 19 credits required; general: at least 4 credits; scientific training: at least 4 credits; practice: at least 4 credits).
   Our faculty includes 3 full professors, 3 associate professors and 4 assistant professors, who all hold a doctoral degree received in Taiwan or overseas. All faculty members’ research is related to counseling or applied psychology. They all have their own specialty and have years of experience in teaching and practice. Two of the faculty members received Outstanding Faculty Research Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology. Many faculty members received research grants from the Ministry of Science and Technology. Faculty members also serve as a director or a supervisor of academic associations.
   There are many kinds of resources and facilities for teaching and learning in our department. We incorporate both theory and practice in our courses to help students explore their career path. More than 100 graduates of the master’s program received the psychologist license in Taiwan and some of them entered doctoral programs related to counseling or education. Two alumni are serving as assistant professors. 14 graduates of the bachelor’s program received level B technician license for employment service in Taiwan.