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Department of Regional and Social Development2019.09.03
   This Department was formerly “The Department of Social Studies Education”, which aimed to cultivate excellent elementary school teachers in social studies. In 2002, a Master’s Program was established and in 2006 a summer program for teachers’ continuing education was added. In recent years, this department has been revising its goals and expanding its research domains to comply with the teacher training policy set by the Ministry of Education and adapt to the social phenomenon of low birth rates. In 2010, the name of the department was formally changed to “The Department of Regional and Social Development”.
   The unique feature of the curriculum is the dual focus on “Area” and “Development”. The “Area” domain has been divided into “Regional development” and “Global development”, as history and geography are combined with the concept of regional development. The “Development” domain is divided into “Social Development” and “Community Building” by integrating knowledge of social sciences with the regional concept rooted in communities and the development of people and communities.

Career Development:
1. Regional planning: To engage in the work related to urban-rural regions and community development planning 
2. Teaching: To acquire credits of elective courses on education, to serve as elementary school teachers
3. Research and writing: To engage in researches on regional development, explanations for Community Building, or the work of compiling and writing histories and literatures
4. Governmental public service: To pass Senior Exam, Junior Exam, or Special Exam, to engage in public service, such as General Administration, Social Administration, etc.
5. Tourism and leisure: To engage in tourism/leisure industries, such as tour guiding
6. Culture, education or supplementary education: To engage in jobs related to culture, education, publishing industries, or supplementary education
7. Social service: To engage in jobs in non-profit organizations or social welfare organizations