Information for Application

Department of Taiwanese Languages and Literature2019.09.03
   Our department, starting to recruit students in 2004, offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. We have nine full-time teachers, and every teacher has very outstanding achievements in academic research and teaching performance.
   In addition to the liberal and education-related curriculum, there are 11 credits of compulsory classes for
all students of the department, and there are 51 credits of elective classes which students must complete a minimum of 21 semester credits. The types of classes include Linguistics、Language-teaching、Literature and Culture, and, for the most part, the Taiwanese language is used in all classes.
   After two years of well-rounded training at NTCU, our graduating students will have the career
development skills such as:
1. Further Study: Our students may further their education by enrolling in the doctoral degree in  Linguistics, Taiwanese Languages, Taiwanese Literature, Folklore, or Traditional Arts, etc. 
2.Prospective Careers: The students who opt for the teacher training program will mostly become elementary school teachers. Other students may pursue the following careers: academic research, broadcasting, journalism, secretarial work, tourism, community service, culture and art administration, writing or editing in the area of Taiwanese literature.
Examination: Our students are qualified to take examinations for civil service positions, tour guides or tour management positions, etc.